If the virtual tour just doesn't cut it. We would love to show you the studio in person.  Please be sure and call ahead to set an appointment for a studio tour. Please understand we do not interrupt rentals in progress for studio tours. -Thank You



Shutterstories is  unique by design and versatile in the services offered.  We are a spacious studio with the ability to house small productions, music videos, car photography, Product photography, Group shoots and of course portraiture! With incredibly low everyday rates you can't go wrong! 

Visit our "Rates" page for more info or call 951.318.1574 

Gallery Specs -  900 square feet glass front office.

Studio Specs -  more than 2700 square feet of shooting space. a panoramic cove wall spanning 28′, is 17’h & more than 18’d!  A  20’w x 17’h x 14'd chroma key green screen,  multiple muslins, 3 ready made sets, various props, catering station, 4 mirror make-up stations, a tungsten light grid @ 17'h.


** Hard Liquor is NO LONGER welcome during ANY shoot.**

Please visit our rental policies page for more info




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ALL bookings require 50% down.

 Please refer to our rental policies page for any additional questions or give us a call @ 951.318.1574.




Studio Policies, Rental Agreement & Disclaimers- Please read through thoroughly... 

***Every renter is required to sign a copy of our studio Policies, Disclaimers & Rental Agreement.  You will not be allowed to take possession of the studio until you have signed an agreement and paid your remaining amount due.



***We do not “guarantee” that all props shown on website in any fashion will be available for your rental.  We apologize for any inconvenience and always do our best to keep props in usable fashion always.    Please inquire if you are looking to shoot with a specific prop to ensure its availability.  

***The studio is not Air Conditioned.  We do our best to appease our clients with much lower rates during the triple digit months.  We do provide 3 high powered fans. If you are planning to shoot video or stills during the summer it is very important you know that we do not refund rentals or reservation fees due to hot weather.

***The studio is not sound proof. 

Banned Items

Glitter, Hay, Confetti, Sand, Feather pillows, Smoke bombs...

Please understand these items are banned for a reason as they have proven quite costly in labor/clean up.  If you have a project that requires hay please call and discuss it with us as we may allow it with an additional clean up fee...

Final Payment/Arrival

Payment is due upon arrival of your rental.  Upon arrival, you will be asked for final payment for your rental time, any additional persons (if applicable) and any rental equipment (if applicable).  You will be walked thru the studio to determine the studio is ready for your group.  When you have signed a rental agreement, and made your final payment you may begin set up.  Any additional time needed will depend on availability of the studio and you will be required to pay for any additional time up front at the published hourly rate.

Cove wall  

while shooting on the cove wall to avoid irremovable marks You WILL be required to wear booties if you’re behind the camera and tape the bottoms of your shoes if you’re in front of the camera.  In addition, you may not drag furniture, place the bed or piano on the cove wall.  You may not place hands or feet on the wall or curve of the cove.  ANY substance that may stain the cove is also prohibited. There is a cleaning fee for any renter that does not comply!

Studio Rentals involving Large Groups

Studio rentals have a 10-person limit (with the exception of full day projects).  Every person over 10 will cost $5/person. 

Group Shoots

We consider a group shoot to be any event where more than two photographers are shooting at any one time or you have more than 20 persons.  Additional shooters/photographers are $35. Additional persons are $5 ea. In addition, if your group grows larger than 50 you will be required to leave a credit card on hold for any incidentals.

Vehicles in the Studio

With a 30' two walled cove and an 11' x 20' flying flat we are a perfect match for cars & bikes!  Vehicles do require notice beforehand.  


Animals must be prearranged. We also have a studio dog (very friendly & cute!)  so please be sure and let us know beforehand if you are bringing in any sort of pet. Especially if dealing with an exotic animal.  Exotics will require a separate waiver and you will also need to carry your own and show proof of an insurance policy.   If you are planning a shoot with an exotic animal we will need to know the details, otherwise you will be turned away.  We consider an exotic animal anything other than a dog/cat.  

Children 12 & under

ALL children 12 or under must have a parent/guardian/handler available to watch them at all times! There are power cords, hot lights and many other hazards that could seriously harm a child. If you are planning on having children under 12 at your shoot please understand you are to provide a handler dedicated to keeping them safe and out of harm’s way. If children are left unattended at any time during your rental you will be asked to leave and will forfeit any money paid towards your rental.

Reflection Pool/Wet Sets (seasonal/available only during summer)

Minors are not allowed in studio while the reflection pool or any wet set is being used. NO EXCEPTIONS.  ALL clients are required to provide their own towels for their models.  Wet Sets are not movable.  Further verbal safety & guidleline instruction from a Shutterstories representative will be given to you and your models prior to use.  A representative of Shutterstories will also be present for the entire time the wet set is in use.


You may bring in your own catering. Hard Liquor is NOT allowed!  Beer/Wine is allowed but if your group gets rambunctious or destructive in any way we reserve the right to ask you to leave and you will forfeit any money paid for the time you lose. Minors will not be allowed during shoots that choose to bring in beer/wine.  If you (the renter) chooses to bring in Beer/Wine please understand that you (the renter) will be held liable for any incidents that may arise. 

Strike and Clean

Your Rental will start and end at the scheduled time. As a courtesy, we give you (the renter) an additional 10 min before and after. You choose whether or not to use that time.  If you arrive late your rental will not end late.  IF you need more time to finish the shoot, and we can accommodate, additional time can be purchased in 1/2-hour increments at the published hourly rates.  We will require that you return the studio to the condition it was in when you began your rental. Anything brought in for your production must also be removed at the end of your shoot. We will need you to remove all sets, trash and or decorations that you brought in, as well as any tape or fixatives used.  In addition, ALL sets/props moved by renter must be returned to their place of origin. Shutterstories will charge the renter a $100.00 clean-up fee automatically for any of the following; Trash, spills and spills on props, excessive marks on cove & hand or foot prints on the wall of the cove. It is your (the renters) responsibility to mop up spills, make sure all trash is collected in provided receptacles and the studio is LEFT in the condition you found it.  The studio should be able to be turned over to the next renter in 10 minutes or less...   

Loss or Damage of Personal Property

By acknowledging and or signing this agreement, you (the renter) will accept SOLE liability for any property brought in by you or any person involved in your shoot.

Shutterstories will not be held responsible for the damage or loss of any item brought in by you or your assigns.


By acknowledging this agreement, you as the Renter indemnifies Shutterstories and or it’s Assigns against any claims and damages, including counsel fees, arising from your use of the facility and equipment.

In all matters concerning the liability of Shutterstories and or its Assigns, the Renter acknowledges and accepts SOLE liability for the rental, including the safety and welfare of every person attending the rental.

Also, the Renter acknowledges and accepts full liability for the actions of their guests should those actions result in any damages or claims against shutterstories.

Please understand that as the renter, you will be charged for the replacement or repair of any damages to the property of 981 Iowa Avenue Ste #B, and to the property and building containing it that may occur as a result of the event or anyone attending the event. Any missing or non-repairable items will be charged to you at their replacement value. You will be responsible for payment of all fees and expenses.


Signature requirement

I, (the renter) have read and agree to abide by all listed policies and regulations. By signing this agreement, I also understand & acknowledge that if anyone in my group acts out of accordance to these policies my rental will end and we will be asked to vacateforfeiting any money paid towards my rental time.