We did our best to answer every possible question…  If you don’t find what your looking for on this page…  We would love to answer it for you in person! Give us a call @ 951.318.1574


Q. Why are the reservation fees nonrefundable?

A) When we put your rental on the books it doesn't allow anyone else to have that time.  When you don't show or cancel at the last minute we lose out on other possible rentals/revenue.

Q. Why have you banned certain items for use in the studio?

A.) Certain items have been banned in response to the amount of labor that goes into cleaning after the client leaves.  Please understand these items are banned for a reason and have proven costly to the studio. Please visit our rental policies page for a list of banned items

Q.  Do you have more than one shooting space?

A)  No. the studio is one space.

Q. Is the studio soundproof?

A) No. Our studio is not soundproof.

Q. Is the studio air conditioned?

A) No. The studio is not air conditioned. We do provide several high powered fans.  

Q. Can I swing by unannounced to tour the studio?

A) Sure, but we do not recommend it.  If the studio is in use at the time you stop by we will not interrupt a rental in progress. The best guaranteed way to tour the facility is by appointment.

Q.  How big is your space?

A)  Our shooting space is 2700 sq ft.

Q. What are your rates

A) $50/hr with a two hour minimum (weekdays) and $60/hr with a two hour minimum on Saturdays and 4 hour minimum on Sundays (weekends)

Q. Can we share the cost of rental and space with more than one photographer?

Yes.  2 shooters are permitted.  More than 2 may be considered a group event and would come with additional costs.

Q. Do you offer discounts to students? 

A) No. We do not offer a student discount at this time.  Our prices are already very low.  We suggest sharing the space with another student to lower the cost per each.

Q.  Why do you require booties and taped shoes on the cove?

A) Painting the cove in between clients on the same day isn’t possible and painting in general is very costly.  When we keep it clean by asking our clients to wear booties and or tape their shoes it aids in keeping our prices on the down low… WOOT! WOOT!!!

Q.  Do I have access to a refrigerator?

A) Yes. We have a full size refrigerator with plenty of room for your groups refreshments.  You are also welcome to bring in your own cooler.

Q. Can we smoke inside the studio?

A) No. We are not allowed by law to allow smoking inside the building.

Q.  Can we bring alcohol into the studio?

A) Yes. Your group may bring in beer/wine. Hard Liquor is NOT allowed. The sale of alcohol is not permitted.  You will be required to waive Shutterstories of any liabilities…

Q.  Why does the light grid cost more?

A) The light grid draws some serious power in comparison to the strobes and are more expensive to repair or replace.

Q.  How much courtesy time do you give before and after each rental?

A) Every rental gets 10 min before & after their scheduled rental time. It is up to the client whether or not they use the 10 minutes.  If the client is late or ends late they forfeit any courtesy time and overage charges will apply. 

Q. what are your hours?

A) Shutterstories is available 24/7… Our standard rates apply between 10am-8pm and our overnight hours start after 8pm and end at 10am.  Overnight hours have an increased rate. For additional information please visit our rates page.

Q. how many persons are allowed per shoot?

A) Up to 10 people are allowed per shoot  If you need more than 10 people for your shoot? No worries! you can pay $5/person.

Q. Drugs & paraphernalia?

A) Illegal drugs of any kind are NOT permitted in the studio! Please keep in mind that if you or anyone in your group is caught using drugs in the studio you and your group will be asked to leave.

Q. what's included with every rental?

A) We have a dedicated page that tells you exactly what’s included in your rental.

Q. Why am I asked to sign a rental agreement every time I rent and exactly what am I signing?

A) All clients are asked to sign a rather standard rental agreement ensuring Shutterstories is renting to a consenting adult and that that such adult will act like one in our studio…:) If you would like to know exactly what you are asked to sign you can read through it on our Rental Policies page

Q. Can part of my group show up early to use the makeup stations or unload props and equipment?

A) Each renter gets a 10 min courtesy,  before and after their rental start time. If you or your group wishes to start any earlier than the courtesy time and we can accommodate we will bill you accordingly.

Q. Can I bring in animals/reptiles?

A) Yes. But we need to know all about it up front.  If you show up with an animal/reptile that seems high risk we may turn you away at the door... So please, let us know ahead of time.