Every renter has full run of the studio and we never rent to more than one person or group at a time.

All *available props, 6 strobe lights, two triggers, coffee, water, wifi and a sound system are included in your rental. We have multiple muslin’s and extension cords available upon request at no additional charge to you.  We have a full size refrigerator for your refreshments if you choose to bring in any… 


2  7'x 2' strip boxes w/grids

1 4' x 6' soft box

1 3' x 1' strip box w/grid

1 28" beauty dish

1 21" beauty dish

1 set of barn doors

1 7' parabolic umbrella

4 3' white portrait umbrellas

1 snoot

1 3' octagon soft box (fits alien bee only)

Strobe lights:

2 800w  Alien bee

4 800w  Menik

2 400w Mettle


Various Props are available please view our studio tour for images of all available props

*addl lights & modifiers are available for group shoots/events only* 

If you choose to add our ceiling mounted Tungsten lighting or free standing tungsten lighting there will be an additional charge please see our rates page for more info…

* availability of props & lighting  – from time to time there may be props and lighting that are currently undergoing some cosmetic and or serious surgery… We do not guarantee that all props will be available for use or that all strobe lights are available as well. However, you as the renter are guaranteed to have 6 working strobe lights on the floor at all times…  If you are planning a large scale shoot please contact us so that we can work out the details and ensure you have a positive experience with us!

You are welcome to call ahead and inquire about a specific prop or light… 951.318.1574